2017 Chevrolet Malibu

  • 2017 Chevrolet Malibu

    Chevrolet Malibu
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    • P0299 engine under boost. Used smoke machine to smoke intake system to check for leaks. Did not find any leaks. Inspected throttle body sealing surface for damage from intake tube and found no damage. Checked waste gate rod for being stuck and it is not. Test drove vehicle and to verify MAP and BARO sensors were within 2 PSI of each other and they are. Could not duplicate. P0300 engine misfire detected. Could not duplicate condition. P2227 BARO sensor performance. Used scan tool to verify MAP and BARO sensors are in spec. Performed wiggle test on MAP sensor connector and it did not change reading on scan tool. Could not duplicate condition.
    • Found blown fuse for power windows.
    Evelyn H. gave our service a 5 star review on 2/9/2023


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