Keep your vehicle running at its best for miles to come.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs and detect problems early.  Keep your vehicle up to date on tune-ups and oil changes.


A & A Automotive uses only the highest quality parts and equipment made by
BG Products, Inc.

Our Services Include:

•  Alignments

•  Radiator flush


•  A/C recharge

•  Brake service

•  Power steering service

•  Computer diagnostics

•  Oil changes

•  Tune-ups

•  Transmission flushes

 Fuel system cleaning

•  Tire rotation

Cooling System

Keep your vehicle cool on the road

With regular cooling system maintenance

Overheating is the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns, leaving you stranded on the side of the road calling for help. There are a number of reasons a vehicle might overheat – anything from a bad thermostat to a leak in a coolant hose. Let us find the problem for you with our expert technicians and state of the art facility.

Factory recommended scheduled maintenance

Coolant flushes, hose and radiator inspection, and even replacing the water pump are all part of your vehicle’s recommended maintenance plan by the manufacturer. Bring your vehicle in to someone you can trust. A & A Automotive uses only the best BG products to keep your vehicle running cool all year long.

Car Vent
Woman Steering

Quality coolant system services include:

• Complete coolant system inspection

• Radiator service

• Radiator cap replacement

• Radiator hose leak inspection and replacement

• Thermostat replacement

• Water pump leak inspection and replacement

• Anti-freeze flush and refill

• All work is 100% guaranteed


The driveline is essentially all the parts that connect your transmission to your tires. It makes the wheels spin. Over time, heat, pressure, and road conditions can wear out the gears and joints and breakdown the oil used to lubricate these parts.


Bring your vehicle in to A & A Automotive for a complete driveline inspection. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to inspect, diagnose, and repair the complete driveline system.

Expert driveline services:

• CV joint and boot inspection or replacement

• Complete driveline inspection

• Rear wheel drive vehicles

• Front wheel drive vehicles

• Four wheel drive vehicles

Drive Line of a Vehicle
Power Steering
Steering Wheel

When steering becomes a workout

Don’t struggle to make a turn

Stay in control of your steering

With power steering maintenance

If you’ve started to feel like turning your steering wheel takes a lot of effort, it may be time to get a power steering system check. It could be as simple as needing more power steering fluid. Our experienced staff will inspect, diagnose, and repair your power steering system in no time.

Other steering related problems

While you’re here why not have the friendly staff check out your tire alignment, suspension system, and chassis to make sure all your systems are working properly and in harmony together. We want you to stay safe out there on the roads.

Professional power steering service:

• Complete power steering system inspection

• Fluid flush and fill

• Check for leaks in power steering column

• Check belts for proper tension

• BG brand power steering products help clean the entire system

• Fluids should be checked every 3,000 miles or with your oil changes

• Belts should be replaced every 24,000 miles or 2 years

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

Fuel & Air Induction

Increase fuel economy with a simple service

Save money

Have your vehicle run like new again

With fuel and air induction service

Who doesn’t want to save money? Spending a little extra to get an induction service done on your vehicle every 30-50,000 miles can save you hundreds in fuel costs and thousands in future repairs. This service cleans out the deposits that naturally form in your intake valves and injectors.

Protect the environment

Not only is cleaning out the deposits in your vehicle good for the car, its good for the environment. Manufacturers strive to make cleaner burning vehicles and many states require emissions testing. Do your part by reducing harmful exhaust emissions with an induction service.

Benefits of induction service:

• Cleans fuel injectors and throttle body

• Removes combustion chamber deposits

• Restore fuel economy

• Reduce exhaust emissions

• Solve loss of power and rough idle problems

• Cleans plenum and air intake valves and ports

• Relieves pinging or knocking noises

• Restores the drivability of your vehicle

Air Induction of a Cobra
Car Engine Close Up

The best way to take care of your vehicles transmission?

Regular scheduled maintenance

This means that when it is time to change your transmission fluid you need to have it changed by a qualified expert. If you notice sound when your vehicle is shifting gears or the vehicle makes noises like a clunking whining or any hesitation when shifting, it is wise to take the vehicle in and have a mechanic look at the transmission. Also when you see the evidence of red transmission fluid on parking services that is a sign that your seal could be bad and also needs to be replaced. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your transmission.

Adam’s transmission tips:

  1. Change fluid at manufacturer recommended intervals.
  2. Check the fluid at every oil change to make proper fluid levels are maintained in order to prevent transmission damage.
  3. Let the transmission warm up and allow torque converter to fill with fluid before driving.
  4. When towing take transmission out of overdrive to prevent excessive shifting and heat, especially when towing on hills.

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